Why did you change banks?

We asked people why they changed banks and here is what they told us:

 I moved to a different state and there are no branches of my old bank where I now live.

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Bank of Georgia

Rates Bank of Georgia a 5 (out of 5)  

I changed my bank because it didn't have proper customer service and also it was kind of very old fashioned bank. they didn't know anything about online banking or phone banking. their working style was of stone age.

Now banks with CITIBANK
Rates Citibank a  5                  

 Yes, I have changed my bank due to certain behaviors that I was not really appreciating. Firstly, I have asked them to change my address. But to my horror, the address was not hanged even after 1 month and when I ordered for a check register, it was delivered to the old address. Also, they have put on high fees for maintaining the account with their financial organization. Though I have asked them couple of times to change my profile and add a new account, it was not done and my account was flooded with unnecessary charges.   

Now banks with Wells Fargo
Rates Wells Fargo a 4                                                                                                                                                       

1/13/2012     I changed banks because I was offered a better deal by another bank. My bank decided to double charges on their monthly fee. The other bank is smaller and offered better deals.  
Banks with SAC Federal Credit Union
Rates SAC Federal Credit Union a  4.                 

1/13/2012     I felt like my bank was charging too many fees and had too many constricting rules about what I could do with my money and how I could access it.  

Now banks with a Credit Union  
Rates the Credit Union a 4.

1/16/2012     Mine was a salary account. My bank used to credit my salary very late. So i changed my bank.
Now banks with  SBI
Rates SBI a 4.

1/16/2012   i moved and my old bank didn't have many branches near my new home.

Now banks with Bank of America  
Rates Bank of America a 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
1/21/2012    "Processing charges are high when compare to other banks,
and the relationship between the customer is very poor in bank."  
Now banks with HDFC    4  

Now banks with HDFC BANK    4    

1/22/2012     Everyone else was doing it, and Bank of America sucks. Greedy bastards tried to weasel more money out of the public.    

Now banks with Hanscom Federal Credit Union   
Rates Hanscom a 5                                                     

 1/24/2012    Better overall service. 
Now banks with Chase  
Rates Chase a 5                                    

1/25/2012  i changed my bank because the last one i was at forced too many things upon me. i was being charged service fees and monthly balance fees. the fees really bothered to the point where i felt this bank was doing more harm than good to me. i researched and saw a few banks where they didnt charge fees so i decided to give them a shot. so far my new bank is better. overall i changed banks because i dont want to pay them just to hold my money for me because if thats the case i will keep it at home with me rather than give my hard earned money away   

Now banks with first national of long island
Ranks First National a 5